Dangerfield7 Staffing services

.:Contingent Placement

Dangerfield7 Staffing offers contingent placement to build or add valuable professionals to your Executive, Engineering, Quality Assurance and related teams.


.: Retained Search

Retained search for Critical and Executive level professionals is available as required


.: On-site Services

Dangerfield7 Staffing has provided on-site team building and full staffing services in the Silicon Valley for clients such as:

  • MontaVista Software, Quantum, Atheros

These services include, but are not limited to sourcing and screening of candidates, recruiting, scheduling and closing valuable team members in a professional and experienced manner.

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.: Candidates

Dangerfield7 Staffing has a long-standing reputation for loyalty to candidates in finding and placing the right person with the right company at the right time.

Being so well established and respected in the Silicon Valley, Dangerfield 7 Staffing has the advantage of knowing available positions at the earliest stage through long-term relationships with many of the most successful companies.


.: Representation of Candidates

Professional and sincere representation for career moves


.: Interview preparation

Includes education about the company, their interview process and the interview team; A key to success


.: Salary negotiation

Is conducted in the utmost professional and expert manner with your best interest always the priority


.: Resumes

Are written to achieve the best results, submitted to the top decision makers, and tracked by Dangefield7 Staffing, your representatives.


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